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Which is the Best Piano for Your Home?

The task of choosing an ideal piano for your home is a difficult one. With the wide variety of pianos available in the market, selecting one that is ideal for you, in terms of size, shape, design, style, quality, and price is going to be challenging. However, you will have an easier time choosing, if you have the essential information.

One of the most important aspects that you need to know is how to differentiate between the various piano types available. Below is a brief look at the type of pianos available.

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Piano Styles & Types

Acoustic Pianos

An artist grand

Usually between 6' and 9' long, powerful enough to fill an auditorium with sound. Memorable brands include STEINWAY, MASON & HAMLIN, BECHSTEIN, BALDWIN, BRODMANN and BOSENDORFER.

An entry-level to mid-size grand

Usually between 4'7" and 6' long, with the visually-striking appearance of a grand lid propped open. Various brand names include BRODMANN, YAMAHA, KAWAI, PEARL RIVER and HARDMAN.

A professional (vertical) studio piano

Usually 48" to 52" tall, with the musical power of a small grand, positioned vertically to conserve space. Available as new, used or refurbished. Most notable are Yamaha and Kawai; other important studio pianos include PEARL RIVER, BRODMANN, HARDMAN, HOBART & CABLE.

An American furniture-style console or spinet

Usually 36" to 44" tall, built to harmonize with the décor of a home. Long-standing names include BALDWIN, KIMBALL, PEARL RIVER, YAMAHA, KAWAI, WURLITZER, and others.
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Artisan Pianos

Are you thinking of purchasing a state of the art, heirloom quality piano? Congratulations! A limited production high performance piano is vastly superior to a mass produced piano. Not only are the materials of a better quality, so is the attention to detail in the assembly. The end result will be a piano that plays with much greater expression and the tonal capabilities are...well...just amazingly better. Even the finest mass produced pianos from Japan, as consistent as they are, pale in comparison to a hand-made instrument.

"Before you buy a Steinway, you should at least explore other options. In my honest opinion, that search should include the finest American hand-made piano, Mason & Hamlin. The attention to detail is simply amazing. Their pianos are well known for having a powerful long sustain with a growling bass and crystal clear treble. In contrast, Steinway builds between 2,500 and 3,000 instruments per year." - Dave Smith, resident piano expert @ HPC
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Digital Pianos

What is the Roland Corporation and what can they offer me?

Roland - and its sub-brands BOSS, Edirol, RSS, Rodgers, Cakewalk, and Roland DG - provides high-quality musical software, electronic equipment, and electronic instruments. When you are looking for a digital piano, look for the innovative Roland V-Piano, which has recently evolved into the V-Piano Grand. Lightweight and sophisticated, the V-Piano is the latest in combining modern electronic technology with the sound and performance of the best acoustic pianos. If you're looking for appearance to go with your technology and sound, the V-Piano Grand offers Roland's 'living piano' technology in combination with the elegance of a grand piano cabinet.

How easy are these digital pianos to use?

While the full range of customization a digital piano offers may seem a little overwhelming, the Roland V-Piano and V-Piano Grand are easy and comfortable to use even if you have never worked with a digital piano before. The buttons and dials in the control panel are streamlined, clearly marked, and easy to manipulate. By connecting to your home computer with a single USB cable, the V-Piano allows you to easily customize sounds with editing software you may already have on your computer.

Buying a digital piano will be an exciting investment that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. Good luck with your purchase and enjoy yourself with your new digital piano.

1. They never require tuning.
2. Easily adapt to use with computer programs.
3. Weigh far need for professional movers.
4. Can be used with head phones to silence the speakers.
5. Can have hundreds of sounds and combinations.
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European Pianos

A Sought-After Sound

Playing a European piano is an experience you will not soon forget. Each one is built with great precision and attention to detail, and that care is reflected in the rich, powerful sound that is produced when played. When a pianist sits down to play a Bechstein, for example, he will immediately notice the smooth touch, balance and action of the keys, and how easily they respond to his every movement.

Another pianist will delight in the power and range of the notes she plays on a Brodmann, along with the overall "songfulness" heard in the piano's sound. Still others will appreciate the long, rich vibration and resonance of the strings and soundboards in a Perzina.

Exceptional Manufacturing

The manufacturing of European pianos are rooted in time-honored tradition and exquisite craftsmanship. These factors, among others, are what have caused these brands to hold their value from one generation to the next.

Most European piano companies utilize the latest digital technology to produce one-of-a-kind instruments, giving them a sound and tone that sets them apart from pianos made in other areas of the world. In many ways, these manufacturers have "set the standard" for creating pianos, based on centuries of experience from the artisans who came before them.

"Europe is the birthplace of some of the greatest composers the world has ever known, with Vienna, Austria, at the heart of its creativity."
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Player Pianos

A lot of people throw around big words like 'the best', 'the finest', or 'world famous' without much evidence to back up the claim. But Houston Piano Company has no reservations about calling our resident Player Piano Expert, Jim Steagall, the best player piano installer in the business. The proof is in the exceptional work Jim and his team do every day. Stop by our store in the Heights to see/hear a sample of Jim's exceptional professional player piano system installation work.

Houston Piano Co. is proud to be an official retailer for PianoDisc products, and we have dedicated one of our small buildings to specializing in professional piano player installation.
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