Roland Digital Pianos

Innovation, Durability and Performance

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Most keyboards use an organ touch instead of a piano touch, have only one pedal (if they have one at all), and are covered with buttons (read that chocolate candy in distracting your child from learning to play the piano). They have limited sound without outside amplification and look very ugly in your living room.

A digital piano is a totally different instrument. As the exclusive dealer for ROLAND DIGITAL PIANOS in the Houston, Texas trade area...we are proud to show you the outstanding value, the touch and tone of a fine grand piano to be found in even the more modest models. All have three working pedals, superb balanced actions and sound sampling that is second to none.

Some good reasons to consider Roland digital pianos:

- Roland's innovation, durability and performance quality sounds and action continue to make these valuable instruments perform on par with any comparably priced acoustic.

- The nuance of sound, the CD-quality sound, and responsive grand actions these THE digital pianos to purchase.

- Apart from the sound and action, Roland has led the entire Publishing industry in digitized learning applications—the Music Tutor and use of SMFs (Standard MIDI Files) are prime examples.

- Following the development of the V-Piano, Roland's pianos all feature SuperNATURAL piano sounds—exquisite!

- Features professional quality sound chip and action on all models, no matter whether at the $1,500 or $15,000 price levels.

- Functions as a console (Vertical) piano; also available in several Grand configurations .

- Available in satin black, rosewood and polished ebony.

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Foresta Digital Piano Labs

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Houston Piano Co. is the official Roland Digital Piano dealer for the Houston area and boasts one of the largest, state-of-the-art Foresta Digital Piano Labs in the entire country. Located in the new HPC School of Music, the Foresta Room is an environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art showroom for the finest digital pianos available.

Come test-drive the Roland in our showroom:

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Why The Roland Digital Piano?

While many people stand by the tone and action of an acoustic piano, one company has strived to create a digital piano of high quality and tone. They have attempted to create a product that has various settings that only a digital could have, without compromising the sound of an acoustic. This company is Roland. Roland has put together a technological feat in creating their line of digital pianos. There are many pianists who prefer Roland's high-end digital pianos to acoustic grands. 

Using their patented "superNATURAL" technology, the Roland digital piano line can achieve the intricacies of an acoustic. These pianos can subtly switch microtones depending on the dynamics of the notes hit. The tone decays with the volume in a natural, exponential way. Also, with this superNATURAL technology, every individual note is made differently to try and emulate the natural sound of a grand piano. Since in acoustic pianos, each note may have a different placement on the soundboard, require a different amount of strings, and have a different sized hammer, each note is manufactured with the utmost care and technology to attempt to create a near-perfect replication of a piano's sounds.

supernatural 421

When it comes to purchasing one of these pianos, there are many options to go with. Roland has made a myriad of different options to choose from, depending on why you want to buy the piano and how much you want to spend, Roland has created a giant line of digitals to suit your every need.

The DigiScore Series

digiscore black

The DigiScore series is a little lower in tone quality than some of the higher end models, but it does have a computer. This computer involves a monitor that displays music and can even play background music to play with. This is the perfect purchase for a classroom setting, or even a great practice mate for a beginner. The features of the DigiScore are fun and interactive, able to capture the focus of even a child.

The VIMA Series


The VIMA series features a similar computer as the DigiScore, but what it lacks in the display screen, it makes up for in features and sound. It is the perfect piano for a singalong at home, with three pedals and a real piano sound, plus background tracks. If you want to bring people together, this is the piano for you.

The HP/RP Series

hp rp

Their HP/RP series is a series of very high quality sound. It is perfect for those who want a digital piano that isn't too expensive, yet doesn't compromise sound. It is for those who want a digital piano instead of an acoustic, but still want high-quality sound and excellent touch. If you want a piano but don't want to have to tune it every year or pay excessive amounts for transportation, this is the piano for you.

But, in the final comparison, you must hear the pianos to make your choice: Please listen to the following recordings of a Roland HP-series piano:






The V-Piano Grand

v piano grand

The V-Piano Grand is an incredible marvel of manufacturing. The touch, response, and sound of the V-Piano are sensationally realistic due to their "living" piano core technology. The notes played evolve and respond seamlessly, just like a grand piano. And not just like a grand piano, the V-Piano has settings that allow it tom emulate harpsichord, clavichords, rhodes electric pianos, and even double up on sounds. It is, without question, the highest quality digital piano on the market.

Watch Miyuji Kaneko on the V-Piano Grand:

When purchasing a piano, you want to make sure that you have exactly what you pay for. If you there is any reason that you don't want to pay for an acoustic or if you want features that go beyond a normal piano, I would highly suggest purchasing a Roland. Unless you want to branch out from the piano and start synthesizing your own sounds, Roland has created the perfect digital platform.

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